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Our Team

We are a growing team of Data Science with different skills:

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Check our profiles for more detailed information!

Team Scope and Collaboration

Our team has a very well defined task of supporting researchers and other members of the HU comunity in Data Science problems.

We thrive in having a clear scope for our work, in other words: what can our team help you with and what is outside our reach.

Having a clear scope for our team creates infinite opportunities for collaboration with other teams: if a project or question does not fall within our scope we can help you indicating the right team for it!

The following scheme shows our scope and our interfaces (this is how we connect with other teams):

In at least one project, we already collaborate with other teams in specific tasks where their skills better match the researcher needs; our end goal is to be a working part of the research support ecosystem that HU has in place to support the community.

Our enablers

As a support team, we support ourselves on other teams and members of the HU community, our enablers; these enablers, allow us to connect nicely with the modern infrastructure that HU has in place to serve its community. In particular we collaborate closely with Margreet Riphagen, Rins Rutgers and Tineke van der Meer from the Digitale onderzoeksomgeving, they support our efforts in Infrastructure and Cloud and Data Stewardship related questions. We also receive support from Klaske de Hoop and Fraukje Coopmans from the Data & Analytics team. Finally we also keep close contact with other members of the community that have been involved in the effort of making the DSP a reality, such as Marc Teunis, Saskia te Velde and Henri Kiers.

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