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ShareDiMobiHub - Shared and Digital Mobility Hubs

Dates: 01/02/2023

Type of project: Long Term Project

Stage: Starting phase

HU request by: Pascal Ravesteijn - Lectoraat Procesinnovatie & informatiesystemen

The ShareDiMobiHub project tries to answer several questions regarding mobility at both local and regional scales; it involves a group of international partners including the University of Applied Sciences - Utrecht and the Province of Utrecht.

The final aim is to improve the multi-modal accessibility by increasing and improving the way shared mobility hubs are introduced in urban areas. The hub is to create the right conditions that result in a shift in behaviors towards shared mobility hubs.

Very interesting questions arise for this project:

  • What is the present status of shared mobility hubs and what can we learn about it?
  • How to define a successful shared mobility hub and what metrics to use?
  • How to optimize location of shared mobility hubs in terms of those metrics?
  • How to use and present data from shared mobility hubs, in order to provide better decision support?
  • How to measure impact from the social, economic and environmental point of view?

The Data Science Pool (DSP) team, provides support in different areas: data sourcing (what data?), data combination, data presentation and monitoring (dashboard), metrics development, etc.

We created a cool demo to “pitch” an idea for a dashboard, enjoy!